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Doctor honoris causa de l'université de Haifa, Israël, 27.5.2014



Doctor Honoris Causa
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May 27, 2014


Conferment of Degrees of Doctor of Philosophy, Honoris Causa

Conferment Ceremony

Hecht Museum Auditorium, Main Building

Prof. Julia Kristeva (France)

Thinker, Psychoanalyst, Linguist and Author

The honorary degree is being awarded in recognition of her exceptional scholarship and academic vision that combines intellectual, social and humanistic perspectives; for her social and intellectual contribution to advancing the status of women and gender equality; for her innovative research and designing concepts that have far-reaching implications for the philosophy of education.


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Julia Kristeva, Haifa
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Kristeva à Haifa

May 29, 2014 - "Meet the University"
17:00 - 18:00
Lecture by Prof. Julia Kristeva, 2014 Honorary Doctorate Recipient: "New Forms of Revolt"

M.C.: Dr. Deborah Golden, Faculty of Education Opening Remarks: Prof. Lily Orland-Barak, Dean of the Faculty of Education

Hecht Museum Auditorium, Main Building



Kristeva Haifa

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